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Wildgame Innovations ir10x


Wildgame Innovations ir10x or Pulse 10X is a feature-rich trail camera. Featuring with high image resolution, 10-megapixel. It has 90 high intensity infrared LED for up to 90 feet flash range. It use 6-volt rechargeable battery for about 8 weeks per fully-charged. ir10x is a Wi-Fi capable scouting camera with YN1 optional module. It has 3 passive infrared sensors (PIR) for faster trigger speed, which activated by heat and motion detected within 60 feet. Pulse 10 comes with 2.65-inch full color TFT LCD display for preview and setup. It also has external battery port for long time use.

Wildgame Innovations ir10x

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Features : Wildgame Innovations ir10x Features
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Overall : Wildgame Innovations ir10x Rating
Resolution : 10MP
Flash Type : 90 Infrared LED
Flash Range : 90 feet
Sensor : PIR 60 feet
Motion & Heat
View Angle : n/a
Zoom : n/a
Video : 640x480 VGA
Video Length : n/a
Trigger Speed : n/a
Trigger Delay : n/a
Multi-Shot : n/a
Data Stamp : n/a
Temperature : n/a
Int Memory : n/a
Ext Memory : 16GB
Display : 2.65" Color TFT
Battery : 6V Recharge
or External Port
Battery Life : 6-8 weeks
Dimensions : n/a
Weight : n/a
Warranty : n/a

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