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Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced - N2E


Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced N2E is part of the Red Series of trail cameras that feature patent pending technology for clearer pictures. Pictures will be less blurred when animals are in motion giving a crisper picture. It is possible to capture time lapse images at set intervals with the Flextime technology incorporated in the camera, which is perfect to use during key movement times of the day.

Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced - N2E

Good game cameras are necessary for knowing what is in the area where you hunt and the Red 2 enhanced N2E gives the hunter this capability. Wildgame Innovations trail cameras work great through even record high temps and drought. This is a great product at a great price. WildGame cameras are known for quality construction and for being easy to use and this Red 2 camera is no exception. If you are not looking to take videos then this camera is the right one for you because of value, quality and great pictures. The battery life is long which is important when taking a lot of pictures and with the patented technologies you are assured that the pictures will be clear, crisp and you will avoid blurry messes.

The only problem occurs when you set the camera too close to your target animals because then your pictures may come out whited out. To solve this issue just set the camera a little further back and the pictures should come out great. Another tip for getting quality pictures with this or any trail camera is to avoid facing the camera towards sunrise or sunset.

Product Ratings
Features : Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced - N2E Features
Image : Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced - N2E Image
Ease of Use : Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced - N2E Using
Value : Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced - N2E Value

Overall : Wildgame Innovations Red 2 Enhanced - N2E Rating
Resolution : 2MP
Flash Type : 18 Infrared LED
Flash Range : 45 feet
Sensor : n/a
View Angle : n/a
Zoom : n/a
Video : n/a
Video Length : n/a
Trigger Speed : 1 sec
Trigger Delay : n/a
Multi-Shot : n/a
Data Stamp : Moon, Temp
Temperature : n/a
Int Memory : no
Ext Memory : 32GB
Display : n/a
Battery : 4 C-Cell
Battery Life : n/a
Dimensions : n/a
Weight : n/a
Warranty : n/a

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