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Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1


Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1 is designed for anyone in need of taking scouting videos with audio. The features of this cam such as the 54 No-Glow infrared emitters, time-lapse function and 3D camo housing are just what cam customers are looking for in a stealth camera. Hunters know that Stealth Cam is the leader in scouting cameras so the name alone makes this a serious contender for potential buyers.

Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1

This cam is protected from the rugged outdoor elements and the Shadow is very durable and weather proof and can be used in all weather conditions. The features that users like the best are the excellent picture quality and that the night infrared and audio really work well too. The no-glow and true black IR technology help to conceal the camera. Makes for an excellent trail camera. Set-up is super easy because the instructions are simple and very straightforward.

This is a good-looking game camera that performs well day and night. It runs on 8 AA batteries. Any hunter can scout deer herd or other animals without being detected and without spoofing them thanks to the “No Glo” black flash technology. The black flash infrared range is up to 50 feet, which is pretty standard for this type of camera.

Product Ratings
Features : Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1 Features
Image : Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1 Image
Ease of Use : Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1 Using
Value : Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1 Value

Overall : Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow STC-SNX1 Rating
Resolution : 8MP, 3MP, 1.3MP
Flash Type : 54 No Glo Infrared
Flash Range : 50 feet
Sensor : n/a
View Angle : n/a
Zoom : 2x/4x digital
Video : Yes
Video Length : 5-240 sec
Trigger Speed : n/a
Trigger Delay : 15-3600 sec
Multi-Shot : 1-9 images
Data Stamp : Date, Time, Temp, Moon
Temperature : n/a
Int Memory : no
Ext Memory : 16GB
Display : n/a
Battery : 8 AA cell
Battery Life : n/a
Dimensions : n/a
Weight : n/a
Warranty : n/a

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