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Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46


Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 is easily slide switches when changing mode from photo to video, or going to time-lapse photos. The feature that has captured the market is the super compact size that fits in the palm of your hand. The main theme behind these cameras is that they are difficult to detect by humans or animals as seen by the Camo LED filter that helps keep it hidden.

Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46

Another feature that makes it attractive is the new Anti Blur technology which allows the camera to compensate for moving objects or when filming in low light conditions. This is a great scouting camera with its affordable infrared system that allows hunters to use 4 different capture modes including time lapse day/photo night. If you want optimal performance just adjust the settings using the 3 switches.

Perhaps the most important feature is that it takes crystal clear photos. There are 46 powerful LEDs that operate without flashing or glowing so your cam stays your secret. You can use the cam straight out of the box because it comes pre-configured with default settings so all you need to do is insert the batteries and up to 32 GB SD memory card and you can start recording videos and photos. You can mount your Ultra 46 just about anywhere and it will function perfectly.

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Features : Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 Features
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Overall : Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 Rating
Resolution : 7MP
Flash Type : 46 Infrared LED
Flash Range : 55 feet
Sensor : n/a
View Angle : n/a
Zoom : n/a
Video : Yes
Video Length : n/a
Trigger Speed : 1 second
Trigger Delay : n/a
Multi-Shot : n/a
Data Stamp : n/a
Temperature : n/a
Int Memory : n/a
Ext Memory : n/a
Display : n/a
Battery : 8 AA
Battery Life : 50,000 photos
Dimensions : n/a
Weight : n/a
Warranty : n/a

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