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Moultrie ReAction Cam


Moultrie ReAction Cam is a hunting video camera that can record HD video with sound. It features with 8x digital zoom and can take multiple shots up to 10 pictures by one-touch. It stores image and video in SD card up to 16GB and also has 1.5" color LCD. ReAction Cam is a small cam which is perfect for mounting on outdoor equipments such as helmet, hat, mountain bike, boat etc. It has control buttons, recording indicator LED and viewing screen on the top. It uses 2 AA batteries and also has low battery indicator. Overall, this cam is simple to use and provides great video quality with affordable price.

Moultrie ReAction Cam

Product Ratings
Features : Moultrie ReAction Cam Features
Image : Moultrie ReAction Cam Image
Ease of Use : Moultrie ReAction Cam Using
Value : Moultrie ReAction Cam Value

Overall : Moultrie ReAction Cam Rating
Resolution : 5MP
Flash Type : n/a
Flash Range : n/a
Sensor : n/a
View Angle : n/a
Zoom : 8x Digital
Video : HD 720p
Video Length : n/a
Trigger Speed : n/a
Trigger Delay : n/a
Multi-Shot : 1-10 images
(4 images/sec)
Data Stamp : Date, Time
Temperature : n/a
Int Memory : n/a
Ext Memory : 16GB
Display : 1.5" Color LCD
Battery : 2 AA
Battery Life : n/a
Dimensions : n/a
Weight : n/a
Warranty : n/a

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