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What is the Best Trail Camera


Today, trail cameras have many models and each model has different features to meet the needs of each user. For example, some people prefer to color night picture, some people prefer to shoot video, some people want a camera that is wide area coverage or some people prefer to cheap camera etc. That's the best camera for each person is not the same. So we selected the best camera in 5 different categories to reach the needs of each person as possible.

5 Best Game Cameras

 Best Seller
Bushnell Trophy Cam 119467C
Bushnell Trophy Cam 119467C
8MP, 40 Black LED 45 feet, 1080p HD Video, Color Image LCD, 1 Year Battery Life
“I set it to video mode then put it near food plot for a night. Next morning, I got about 60 videos with no blank. I really like this cam and and intend to buy one more.”

Ratings : Bushnell Trophy Cam 119467C Ratings
Bushnell Trophy Cam 119467C Review

 Best Infrared Flash
Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP B&W Text LCD
Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP B&W Text LCD
8 MP, 32 LED Flash, Range 45 feet, Widescreen VGA, 1 Year Battery Life
“It's a long battery life and fast trigger time for under $200 camera. With this camera, I can be taken a lot animal pictures with great quality. I will buy even more.”

Ratings : Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP B&W Text LCD Ratings
Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP B&W Text LCD Review

 Best Visible Flash
Cuddeback Attack
Cuddeback Attack
5MP, Strobe Flash Range 60 ft, Trigger Speed 1/4 sec, up to 10,000 Images
“I just got it this summer. It has long flash range and quick trigger speed. 5 MP image resolution is enough for me. It takes great color both day and night pictures.”

Ratings : Cuddeback Attack Ratings
Cuddeback Attack Review

 Best Video Camera
Moultrie ReAction Cam
Moultrie ReAction Cam
5MP, 720p HD Video, 8x Digital Zoom, Max 16GB SD Card, 1.5" Color LCD
“I mounted this cam on my hat and it worked great. I was capturing a big buck I took. I was very satisfied with the quality of video and ease of use.”

Ratings : Moultrie ReAction Cam Ratings
Moultrie ReAction Cam Review

 Best Budget
Wildgame Innovations n6
Wildgame Innovations n6
6MP, 30 Infrared LED, Range 50 feet, Max 16GB SD Card, External Battery Port
“I checked the images taken with this camera and was surprised by image quality in both day and night. I like the front LCD screen to see detail without opening it.”

Ratings : Wildgame Innovations n6 Ratings
Wildgame Innovations n6 Review

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